Those who trust in their keeping of the law not benefited by the work of Christ


Indeed I, Paul, say to you that if you become circumcised, Christ will profit you nothing. I testify again to every man who is circumcised that he is obligated to keep the whole law. You have been cut off from Christ, whoever of you are justified by law; you have fallen from grace. Galatians 5:2-4

When people think it is necessary for Christians to be circumcised and observe the worship laws of the Old Testament — such as resting on the Sabbath, observing the Jewish feast days, abstaining from certain foods, etc. — they fall from grace and lose the blessings that Christ won for them because they seek to be acceptable to God by their observance of the law. They fail to see that they must keep every demand of the law perfectly to be justified by it.

Grant that I trust in Your perfect righteousness alone and in Your sacrifice for my sins, O Christ, and not overthrow Your grace by seeking to be counted righteousness by my keeping of the law. Amen.

[Scripture quotations are from The Holy Bible, Modern English Version. Copyright © 2014 by Military Bible Association. Published and distributed by Charisma House.]